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Top 10 Most Viewed Youtube Videos (October 13th, 2012) » Top 10 Most Viewed Youtube Videos (October 13th, 2012)

The most viewed videos on Youtube as of October 13th, 2012. Enjoy!

Top 10 Most Viewed Youtube Videos (October 13th, 2012)


RePlayBoy101 says:

eeeeeeoooooo sexy lady op op op….

Andre Trotta says:

ffoorrrrrkkkk uuyoo

Andrei Goleanu says:


ninaslindas0103 says:

my baby loves all these videos..ok menos el de jb…. :)

henry dion says:

call me maybe is 527,874,150 world in 2015 is 445,768,915

artur920101 says:

now 1 gangnam style 2 baby 3 on the floor 4 love the way you lie 5 party rock anthem 6 charlie bit my finger 7 waka waka 8 bad romance 9 ai se eu te pego 10 danza kuduro

lierenzlian18 says:

Hahaha! They killed JB! Ftw! :))

indio875 says:

Actually Gangnam Style has 1,057,276,838 when this comment was posted.

Juliana Cuevas says:

Charlie bit my finger is the most viewed video on YouTube… it Has Over 478 Million or more views

Naji Hawkins says:

Gangnam atyle has ive 1,000,000,000

HRP4Life says:

I hate your bad spelling.

Angel Salin says:

I hate this funking video

ilikethtrains says:

Gangnam Style is first, just saying. And half of these I’ve never heard of?

Remarx IV says:

gangnam style is the most viewed video on youtube

HRP4Life says:

LOL I don’t like Justin Bieber. Go to 3:40 to prove my answer.

jpnieves88 says:

The one who make this video is a bieber fan

Macy Freund says:

half of these videos are in a different language.

masterassassinofdota says:

Gangnam style?

Le John says:


HRP4Life says:

I’m glad you enjoyed the video!

reptile1000 says:

every single video is mainstream pop junk except for number #7 fuck you humanity! the very end of this video was kind of healing but

KINGufemHAEFI says:

gangnam style

s1108159s says:

gangnam style has done it it’s #1!!!!!!!!!!!

14redranger says:

you know you will only give bieber more views that way

HRP4Life says:

Gangnam Style will pass baby in 1 day. I will make a new Top 10 Most Viewed Videos On Youtube when it passes Justin Bieber.

rawoodward923 says:

Gangnam Style now has 781 million views and is currently second behind Justin Beibers song, “Baby” which has 802 million views. Come on Gangnam Style! Almost there!

ashleyngu kekee says:

gangnam style is now no.2

prasadr3 says:

now its 2nd coz views r like 644,000,000 or something

63k3 says:

It clearly says ‘As of October 13th, 2012. Can you not read?

HRP4Life says:

I will update and make a new top 10 most viewed videos by Saturday.

Vaishnav Deevi says:

gangnam style is now second

topgear4everdude says:

Dude… This is where it was when the video was uploaded.

apekoning2 says:

best ending ever!

JakeDK991 says:

Hopefully Gangman Stlyle over takes Justin Beiber.

HRP4Life says:


non so cosa says:

3:55 my life si realized

SkinyDrifblim87 says:

gangnam style over-takes that foreign song of wtf :D

HRP4Life says:

Now it’s 3rd.

Anees Yazdani says:

and today it has: 504,153,055 so its 8th to 3rd in a week!

Anees Yazdani says:

and today it has: 504,153,055

varanana3 says:

As of today 10-19-2012 Gangnam Style has moved to the #5 spot with 495,126,675 views

96Boaz says:


Jacob Bengtsson says:

You know its everyday i’m shuffling and not party rock right? o.o 1:56

Andylink007 says:

2 weeks, gangnam style #1

Jaafar Raji says:


Hydreibax says:

3:26 My ears hurt!!
Nice video!


HRP4Life says:


737initils1 says:

Oh yes! Where u get that from?

HRP4Life says:

Did you like the last part with the CSI clip?

737initils1 says:

Justin gayber

wish one day gangnam style will overtake it :D

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