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Extreme Weather Events and Earth Changes

Extreme Weather Events and Earth Changes Do you think the weather and earth changes are natural or man made OR both? What do you think? Comment below. Please…

Extreme Weather Events And Earth Changes

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lawn38 says:

After reading these comments….you Americans really are going crazy! the earth is constantly in change and flux, always has been and always will be. Recent human civilisation has been living through a very calm period in Earths history between ice ages. the climate will change man made or not. its nothing to do with Jesus,God or Satan ffs.

witnessthefitnessful says:

read the bible people, then you will know why all of this is happening

ashtraymane says:

shut up, Satan is the true Savior, all hail 666,

roland perez says:

Jesus is the only way to heaven He died to save us paid the full penalty and He is coming again very very soon believe and repent or you go to hell for eternity

doomdayjudge says:

(continued): I heat my house with woodpellets – so I don’t feel any guilt no matter how much Al Gore and the Bilderberggroup try to make me and other ordinary people take the responsibility for THEIR decisions over the past several decades.

doomdayjudge says:

Why does the uploader call himself “Alternativenews4you” and then serve us the same drivel that mainstream media has been forcefeeding us for decades? What is “alternative” about that? The unnerving bothersome background song? We may be entering a new iceage, and when/if that happens I’d like a word with the climate hysterics – and they will NOT get away from me. I am sick and tired of this all-our-fault-climate hysteria. I never fly, I don’t have a car, I travel by bus and train.

Roo63 says:

Not happy about people using different Bible quotes to explain these events. Not the case in this vid, but taking different quotes from different books, surely, you can make any bloody story you want to? Brilliant vid btw, thank you for sharing :D

Roo63 says:

I notice there’s no mention on this particular vid, but someone has got to know what the loud noises are about. Without confirmation, it can only be a theory that humans are behind it as the Illuminati construct their underground cities/bases, because it’s pretty obvious that things will get worse. Tickles me why the ordinary people do their construction. What good will the money do them when they are left behind to get wiped out with the rest of us???

bernzeppi says:

Of course nearly every climate scientists say the extreme weather is the result of global warming.
I’m siding with those scientists
arstechnica. com/science/2012/12/ipccs-climate-projections-on-target-so-far/
13,950 vs 24 peer reviewed papers confirm this:
desmogblog. com/2012/11/15/why-climate-deniers-have-no-credibility-science-one-pie-chart
Recent finding that Antarctica is melting 10 times faster
abc. net. au/news/2013-04-15/antarctic-melting-ten-times-faster-than-600-years-ago/4628404

BrokenWarrior56 says:

BS, Nothing to do with man.

Steven Simmons says:

it has gone through ice ages but not like this one,

E.R.L GANG Marteese says:

make ya think great video

Kevin Cristea says:


Linda Klase says:

UN Weather Weapons Treaty 1976. Geoengineering or weather modification has been going on for over 50 years. The U.S. population has been targeted by the Globalists for attack to weaken the people. MSM lies about Global Warming and now Climate Change. The Globalists are EVIL DOERS hell bent on the destruction of mankind until only 500,000 are left to be enslaved. But who cares. Turn on the TV.

mupafan says:

the world has gon thru men ice ages and will då so magnetic feld willl change evry time
the golbal worming is tru but the li is tha humens is responsebel is a lie befor ppl was walking the world the globol worming was bigger an now is no difrens you need just lok 2 the solarsystem global worming on mars is changing då you relly belave that ppl efectet that to

mupafan says:

the pols r shifting and magnet fild is changing and efects all living anemals that can sens magnetic feld you ppl can be shor thet this summer you wil see extrem whether all over the globe you can belava wot you wont but the world change all the time and will do as long the world is her wot you red in news is not tru story so go on living your life beliving nothing will hapen plz do and lave mor space for the ppl know bether and no contry in the world will addmit to this yer the efect be extrem

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