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Extreme – Queen Medley (In Full) Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert 1992 » Extreme – Queen Medley (In Full) Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert 1992

Extreme’s legendary performance at Wembley Stadium, London England 1992, paying tribute to Freddie Mercury Re-Posted now in 1 full part due to the lift on ti…

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Richard Jacobi says:

A very amazing medley and a perfect tribute to freddie. I think its sure that queen was far better but i like the way they do it as its their way. Its not only copied, its taken over by them. Great stuff!:)

xanacaetano says:

When Gary starts belting out Ibrahim, send shivers down my spine….
Also, is it only me or does he look like he could be Brian May’s son? Same hair!

Dag Jinghede says:

They beat the original. Amazing!!!!


Still,l after 21 years… this medley is up there, when it comes to great performances….the boys from Extreme turned in a superb show and more than justified the tribut to Freddie.. I was there, as I wa with many other Queen concerts and I was priviliged to be part of a great, if somewhat sad day…what to do for his 25th!!

frank787922 says:

Just awesome

pottery27 says:

Have you ever seen Queen??? This was great! Queen was epic!

reegs73 says:

Goosebumps at 8.00

Dag Jinghede says:

This tribute is GREAT! Could say EXTREME!

13thstepbandTV says:

great band, great covers, great  tribute

TheClint95 says:

I feel the same way. Reading your words gave me goose bumps. More Then Words was my wedding song.

Jeff Fitzgerald says:

And what has always struck me, after I get past the sheer awesomeness of it, is how Paul Geary manages to kick a metric tonne of ass with that little clown car of a drum kit. Holy hell, that’s as impressive a feat as anything else that happened on that stage that day.

ajittffcure says:

Wow! I am amazed! Brilliant performance from Extreme. Brian May was right when he said no other band understands Queen like how Extreme does. I think this performance and George Michael’s version of ‘Somebody to Love’ were the highlights of this event.

prettyboy7xxx says:

WOW!…I mean the performance by Extreme is breathtaking and unbelievably Tight. They owned that tribute. Guns N Roses and Def Leppard pales in comparison. Extreme are waaaay better. Also Mr.Gary “The Boss” Cherone did an awesome job in covering Freddie. His singing is rock solid and antics is dominating and perfectly entertaining. He also owns the stage… the way he engaged the crowd and made them participate is truly amazing and a feat in itself. Nuno and Patrick also came with Guns blazing!

Stefano Pavone says:

Must be alternative camera angles taken from the TV coverage.

nickymowat2 says:

I was there and they stole the show…only ones that did Freddie justice…amazing

DanteCubit3000 says:

I watched this back in April 1992, and this medley makes all of the star-studded tributes pale by comparison. Extreme’s performance was jaw-droppingly good. Making it even more fabulous was the Wembley crowd who clapped and sang and waved in complete unison, just like they had done for Freddie and Queen. This was a monumental medley that I never get tired watching.

Fengliu Angin says:


Douglas De Bastiani says:


jojojo1009jojojo says:


nefariousG says:

Amazing medley and probably the highlight of their careers as Extreme. I said this back when I was in a band that opened for them for 10 shows in the early 90s: Extreme was an amazing cover band, maybe even the best ever, but as far as original music, they don’t bring much to the table. But still, they knew how to please a crowd.

GetReal505 says:

Wow! How tight is this. I was into Extreme in college, but I never heard this performance. Freddie would be proud!

3reachrr1 says:

Wow! Extreme did even better than than Queen did these songs live! Talk about stealing Queen’s own show!

ComradeAleksa says:

Best performance on the concert, alongside with Def Leppard. Respect from Montenegro!

retiredsuperstar77 says:

Goose bumbs have lasted 21 years so far….

Met Almilitia says:


Somethingspecialfash says:


hapbarb says:

Just killed it. Never saw it until tonight.

zebracahlava says:

did they make the anonymous mask based on Nuno’s face? :))

tango280581 says:

Absolutely nailed it

AMDfreak27 says:

This was Extreme’s Live aid, aside from a little mic feedback a brilliant performance.

bhillfan says:

Brilliant to the extreme……lol

Onlygodknowswhy2 says:

no its the original drummer Paul Geary that left after 3 sides

fordsucks27 says:

Is that Mike Mangini?? Dosent look like him….. hmmm

Milissa Silks says:

This is literally, “More than words!”


yes!!! beautiful

TheSpacemannspiff says:

Always thought these guys deserved to be bigger than they were..they had the talent and the drive but it just didn’t really happen for them…sucks.

Matt McElroy says:


Jim Jackson says:

that gave me chills!

Cloud Thakano says:

extraordinaly amazing..

Robert Browning says:

this fricken rocks

Todd Roxx says:

amazing medley.

Ali bin Umar says:

Shit ! what a incredible amazing…..Extreme best rock band ever !

ThePhoenix1990 says:

I think that was one of the best performance of the concert… Even the chorus are absolutely great!
P.S. sorry for my english!

hazor777 says:

lol, yea,..I’ll say….the skipping in ‘Bicycle Race’ musta been the “clincher”, no?

Pipoheinze says:

On Radio GaGa he can do with the bass guitar what sounds in the original with keyboard… GREAT!!!

Aydin Zahedi says:

Ahhhhh very nostalgic, I can’t believe 20 years passed. this live was one of the reasons why I started to play Guitar.

TheEdgartista says:

El mejor tributo de Queen, hecho por una banda (Cuarteto)… lo maximo ¡¡¡¡¡

MuzixMon2 says:

This is Extreme’s shining moment! These 14 minutes are absolutely pure magic! They without a doubt proved to the world they were more than a 1 hit wonder (for More than Words) and truly a Rock N Roll powerhouse in their own right. I’d bet they gained a million fans that day. I remember that show and I was a big fan of Metallica (who opened the show) and Extreme (who came on second) and when Extreme blew up that stadium like that I knew that this is what Freddy really wanted for sure!!!

robinhood68008 says:

tHEY played extremely well!!!! I have this on VHS only……

youngpupful says:

camp as christmas.

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