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Concept Cars – Modern Marvels – History Channel Documentary » Concept Cars – Modern Marvels – History Channel Documentary

They were pure fantasy on wheels, machines designed to make the heart race and the mind ask…what if? Explore the world of 1950s concept cars–automotive ar…

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Kelvin Reyes says:

Shut up and take my money!!!!!!( stop fighting in the god damn comments!!!!!)

mwhite112393 says:

I was exaggerating. I know there were a few other makes of cars in there, but the majority of them were GM-sourced concepts. Even a lot of the people had titles at GM.

quietguy1948 says:

You must be some kind of Russian commie eh…

quietguy1948 says:

They also featured Chrysler, Desoto, Dodge vehicles… so no, Not all GM.

jenssdewalkaLV says:

what commercials…? /adBlocker user/ :D :D

david hoebeeck says:


romoburro says:

2013 abril 30 rip gato

dafiltafish says:

it would be interesting to see a corvette wagon in modern styling.

(in adblock we trust)

varsplut says:

when you dont know what youre talking about you should shut your mouth son

varsplut says:

your mother is the ugliest thing ive ever seen

varsplut says:

maybe you need to go suck on your mothers dick

mcturk17 says:

because i thought it was gonna show different types of consept cars ,it just shows bunch of shitty american made cars from the 50s , so go fuck youre self.

Roy Locke says:

that le sabre is the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen

mwhite112393 says:

Huh, really? I see FAR more GM concepts in this video than Ford or Chrysler.

Frankly, despite the fact that Chrysler was the underdog, their styling was always fantastic. Like it or not, Chrysler’s designers consistently pushed out iconic design after iconic design. They shaped decades of vehicle styling.

thundertorque says:

I’m seeing too much Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth for my liking. Mopar never got anything right, except the styling of the ’70 ‘cuda. Too bad they ruined it with torsion bar front suspension. The hemi was unnecessarily heavy by being deep-skirt, and was no better than chevy’s 427 for racing, as the 430-HP ZL1 was really 585 reliable HP, which the race hemi didn’t ever beat without boost or nitrous. The 440 was also deep skirt but with crap exhaust ports. Worse than a Ford 428 despite the cubes.

thundertorque says:

The reason reality didn’t follow fantasy is because too many fools bought 4-door junk instead of making the kids crawl into the back seats of Camaros and Mustangs. But my kids prefer to ride in my sports car, they hate riding in any boring 4-door.

Rusty Shakleford says:

adblock plus is your friend

mwhite112393 says:

How does that even make any sense?

Gaffur Osi says:

natural enemies

varsplut says:

proof that you are gay

varsplut says:

fucking nigger

varsplut says:

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varsplut says:


varsplut says:

they should have called you small penis, cause thats all im hearing

varsplut says:

why are you watching it then?

mcturk17 says:

all these documentaries are pure shit. there is always one type of thing they talk about and it is very boring

mystic1754 says:

GM didn’t kill Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Buick, it was their customers if you recall, after they found out back in the 80′s when GM was stuffing cheap junk Chevy motors into the expensive luxury Old’s Pontiacs and Buicks and sales went to shit! GM about lost their ass in law suits from customers after they bought their cars and found out under the hood was a 305 piece of shit Chevy.and no the Chevy engine was not a nice Vette motor , it was from a cheap pickup truck ! I was there , funny shit !

mystic1754 says:

if I had been working at GM I would have been embarrassed showing of an amusement park looking “jet car ride for kids “..that idea is a total death trap ! guess what happens in a high speed crash with a car with short little wings ? they turn into real wings, and u go way up in the air and then straight back down into the ground. ask the boys at Bonneville when Honda tried it with one of their bikes that went airborne at over 200 and they picked up what was left of their rider with a sponge!

Peichen01 says:

What’s the first showing day of this episode? I never seen it before.

dlwatib says:

You’d think from this video that Oldsmobile and Pontiac never produced any concept cars. Now why might that be? Oh yeah, GM KILLED Oldsmobile and Pontiac so they are no longer interested in showing off those cars. Very few Fords, Chryslers and extinct brands too.

IMHO the Buick Le Sabre and Centurion were rather ugly designs that epitomize the excesses of the 1950s. The Cadillac Le Mans was also quite awkward in a Dolly Parton way. Contrast them with the timeless beauty of the Corvettes.

juventus1221 says:

Wooooow!!! how impressive.

swami ariyan kumar ji says:

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keenkennyny says:

I like how they always emphasize how cars in the 50s and so on were inspired strongly by aircraft at the time, when todays cars still do exactly the same. Such as the Lamborghini Reventon and many other cars, even base model ones with air intakes on the bottom left and bottom right from the front. Like Jet intakes today.


Stephen Murphy

abelucious says:

1956 Buick Centurion at 2:00 had rear view camera with screen on dash, proof of time travel. lol

David Frobel says:

ahh the days before jap junk,,like to see them lift cars by the fender today like they were in this video,,,,,lol

Mkrtich Urumyan says:

No European cars? Sad very sad

AlohaMilton says:

The commercial about “bringing the rich web environment to the driver”, how about looking at the road? Is it too much to ask that people wait until they are not guiding over a ton of metal to enjoy ‘that rich web experience’?

ubertser says:

designer today are fucking dumbshit.

pascalliodripity says:

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Khoa T. says:

lol 00:54 “Senoir Editor”

Caroline Lincoln says:


Nigel Theman says:

Who told you it was your world? You have zero understanding of basic chemistry, by products “waste products” like carbon emissions are used by other organisms as food you nube. The carbon in the atmosphere is used by trees and converted to fruit you eat, where do you think the term “carbohydrate” came from. This is a basic chemical reaction, you depend on food made from carbon atoms to live. You are a product of indoctrination and liberal brainwashing. See what a little actual education can do.

pascalliodripity says:

5 commercials.  FU

thisisntmyceiling says:

I suppose they have a classy look to them but I just find American cars had a far more aggressive style. But I respect your opinions.

juslookin1111 says:

Stop being a horrible person would you :P

zymuur says:

I hope this is just your bad attempt at trolling and you aren’t just some retarded 12 yr old who thinks he knows something.

Emery Driscal says:

All this arguing about who’s polluting my world better!?!? That’s what it boils down to! Fossil fueled motors all will soon not soon enough be a thing of the past. Leading conversations like this one to the past along with them. The truth of the matter is that all car makers care about is the bottom line and that is nothing less than “Your $”! That is also a fallacy. Imaginary $=Credit to purchase air killers? Who’s smart across the board doing that? Nobody! -Notguiltyofthathere…

juslookin1111 says:

now your js being a jerk.. the ac cobra was nice these are not classics…

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