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► Planet Earth: Amazing nature scenery (1080p HD)

Facebook: “Planet Earth” is a 2006 television series produced by the BBC Natural History Unit. Af…

► Planet Earth: Amazing Nature Scenery (1080p HD)


Stefan Blomkvist says:

Only me watched this i 144p…

lozzysgs3 says:

We all forget i think what a beuitiful planet god has created for us

lozzysgs3 says:

Looks good on s3 wish had an s4 tho obviously

Sakura Hime says:

I like the video you made!! God created a very wonderful world for us human being to live. Appreciate the nature! World Peace :)

Carlos Fernández says:

Excelente! Te felicito. Abrazo desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.

OddCrysis says:

i looked at this video and thought to myself xD to god be the glory =D
he created these magnificent scans ^^

PurplesRT says:

Amazing, perfect!! Without words!!!

Banglar Nafu says:

Those who believe or not who cares let them stick their own believe but I thanks God to give us this beautiful universe.

Ins Ful says:

aweseome vid. checkout my compilation on earth /watch?v=_3VViBFUcfg 

delvalle11000 says:

a la tierra llegamos y por muchos años que estemos en ella no nos queremos IR

aeswhtp says:

And now try to imagine that this is merely an average planet in an average stellar system of an average star in an average galaxy. What about the entirety of the cosmos. Immense, magnificent, spectacular, amazing, these expressions are still far from appropriately describing the universe. We, humans, should stop for a while and bother to think. Nonetheless, only few do thus. One more thought: Imagine the amount of the space we occupy, our capabilities, conception of the world. We are nothing.

IXM360 says:

if you ever credit “God” for this unbelievable earth you should be hung.

ParadiseMaking says:

I`m don`t have words.

У меня просто нет слов.

Rahl Pamynx says:

If you care about our amazing planet, it is now time to prove it.
Go to truthcontest () com and read ==>The Present<==
Make sure to check the part about clean energies starting page 53.

21doogsoh says:

Epic “I’ve finally upgraded my computer” music.

Sarah Carta says:

Wonderful! ♥♥♥

danlams lamoste says:

amazing & great video at high grounds

Ashwin suresh says:


mrchukinor says:

100 % tiene toda la razon! jeje)

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